About the foundation

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We believe in ‘the courageous’, we believe in people who

are now! ready for change!

reflect on their own underlying beliefs and actions now! to reset the focus in their lives

have a precise idea of their own and our future now! and want to sustainably fill it with life and substance

are starting their journey now! in order to leave behind their feeling of powerlessness and use it as a positive drive instead

see their fear of ‘what’s coming’ now! as a chance to define their values more precisely

are now! committed to their ideals, pursue them consistently and no longer want to compromise them

… and who above all trust and follow the voice of their heart now! – more heartstorming than brainstorming please!

Thank you for your courage!

What motivates us

You may be wondering
what we are funding and why we are funding?

The climate change we are presently experiencing is one of the greatest global challenges of our time. Our planet is undergoing a profound and accelerating change in climate and environment, intertwined with intensifying socio-economic problems.

The future is not just destiny, but the consequence of the decisions we make today. Our resource-wasting lifestyle has put the planet in an acute ecological imbalance and pushed it to its limits - the ability of our planet's ecosystems to regenerate and sustain future generations can no longer be taken for granted. We need a paradigm shift to ensure the long-term survival of humanity within the ecological limits: A fundamental and permanent transformation of society as a whole towards sustainability is unavoidable.

Instead of waiting for regulations and decisions of a predominantly courageless and inflexible political system, we believe that each and every one of us can now! set the pace with the right partners, our own deeds and/or funding, address problematic issues or potential for improvement, build networks and lend a hand to non-profit movements whose work fills yawning gaps. The people behind them are often pragmatic idealists, who are committed to putting their ideals into practice and turn their aspirations into reality.

We as a foundation want to contribute to shaping the sustainable, social and ecological transformation of society and the economy and take responsibility for the impact of our own financial decisions. This is also about rethinking and positive visions. How do we want to live? What is our vision of the future? How do we contribute to a successful transformation?

The main purpose of our foundation work is to support medium and long-term non-profit causes on a political and strategic level.
As the vehicle for this we have chosen a so-called ‘consumption foundation’. Our point is to spend philanthropic money during our lifetime and have a meaningful impact in the here and now!. Our aspirations matter now! and should not be left as a burden to our descendents. In addition to the responsible use of the funds at our disposal and the optimal realisation of the greatest possible impact, the foundation's money is to be a creative impulse to bringing about change and creating added value for society in a way that reflects our visions.

now! Because tomorrow starts today ...

If we as humanity do not want to fail as a whole, we should reflect on our existing thought patterns and adapt the way we act accordingly. In the current period of change, the Foundation Stiftung Zukunft jetzt! considers itself a socio-ecological and political instrument for shaping change. Its active representatives are committed to support and advance important and essential issues affecting society. As a foundation, we do not have to prove short-term successes, but have the staying power to shape the future in a sustainable, responsible and targeted way.
To us, making the world a better place is not just an idle phrase, but a mission!

If we take responsibility for the well-being of all in a globalised world and make this the principle of our actions, our unique development will contribute to a colourful social, economic and ecological harmony.

Our approach is based on the formula of life:

climate protection = nature protection = species protection = animal protection = human protection.

These five elements do not compete with each other, but are continuously interrelated. In this, the human is not the crown, but part of creation.

We want all beings to be well. By working for the preservation of a liveable climate, a healthy environment and the protection of biodiversity, we also ensure our own survival!

The focus of the Zukunft now! Foundation is on national and international funding projects, with which it can set an effective and sustainable impetus and establish topics that point the way to the future.

  • Support of animal protection, animal welfare and animal rights
  • Elimination of industrial factory farming
  • Better availability of plant-based food options
  • Popularisation of a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle
  • Expansion of the offer of sustainable food
  • Climate protection, climate change litigation
  • Conservation of nature and environment
  • Reforestation projects
  • Conservation of primeval forests & nature reserves
  • Expansion of ecological farming with a focus on regenerative fruit and vegetable production
  • Promotion of the environmental awareness of young people and children
  • Projects for the preservation of species and seed diversity
  • Reduction of plastic waste
  • Expansion of renewable energies
  • Promotion of ecological and sustainable university courses in the context of the Deutschlandstipendium (German Scholarship Programme)
  • Provision of funds for fundamental research
The pillars of our work

Project priorities

“We set our priorities where we can achieve a long-term, sustainable impact.”
You can find out more about the individual priorities and our motivations here:

Donate and take action

Support us with your contribution!

Support the work of our foundation now! with a donation or endowment contribution – every contribution helps our cause and goes directly into the funding of the projects listed here.


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The work of the foundation is not operative: it finds partners within the scope of its priorities, but does not initiate projects. In this context, funding on application is not possible.

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Jetzt auch in Deutschland

Seit August 2023 gibt es nun auch in Deutschland einen Verein, der Landwirt:innen, die aktuell Eier-, Milch- oder Fleischprodukte herstellen, bei der Weiterentwicklung zu einer nachhaltigen Landwirtschaft ohne Tiernutzung professionell unterstützt.